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Your business needs scalability, control, and customization from a phone system that is loaded with advanced Unified Communication features, but still affordable. Our IPPBX solutions delivers every time! With a wide range of appliances that provide support for up to 600 users, and interface cards to connect to the PSTN, this Unified Communications solution provides the necessary power and connectivity for any SMB.

    •  Get advanced phone features.
    •  Collaborate freely.
    •  Go mobile and global.
    •  Enjoy phenomenal savings.

Great business phone service is just the beginning. We gives you far more than traditional PBX systems, at a fraction of the cost.


Type & Capacity

Our solutions can have all ways of connecting to any operator, from PSTN, ISDN, BRI / PRI, SIP, etc.
The most popular and efficient way is through SIP Trunk connection and in this way, there are practically no capacity constraints.

Hardware & Software

unified and safe

All IP PBX solutions are based on Dell Power EDGE and OptiPlex series with optional additional hardware such as GSM cards, ISDN / BRI / PRI cards, etc.
We basically use the Asterisk platform as a user-friendly software solution that integrates a variety of tools and software.



The solutions have all the advanced services as modern and expensive branded solutions. They are designed to track your growth and needs.

Modern, simple and intuitive

Safe and secure

Unlimited potential

Thanks to the clear user interface, the super-easy operation of our IP PBX and a comprehensive guide to all functions, working with a telephone system is easier than ever before.

We developed in compliance with the highest security standards and thanks to the latest technology. The IP PBX telephone system is not just software – but a comprehensive system that is automatically managed and updated.

Integrate it with an existing CRM system or other software through APIs, add extensions or video conferencing, connect it to a database and create an intelligent interactive voice system …

Supported device

Use the following devices as a extensions and a way to connect to your Ip pbx.

IP Phones



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